Who we are

We are early adopters of creating blockchain applications for enterprise level solutions, filing our first patent in August 2015.

Our Approach

Our broad, initial patent covers novel blockchain, encryption, and data transfer algorithms applicable to a number of industries and applications.

Contacts us to learn more about our patent portfolio or to partner with Papirys Inc.

Papirys Inc. is a Delaware C-Corporation and is represented by Rimon Law and SotoIP Law.

Meet our Team

Bryce Chaney

Co-Founder & President

Seasoned business development and IP professional. Primary fundraiser and corporate development officer of Papirys.

Jordan Chaney

Co-Founder & Papirys Visionary

Expert knowledge of Blockchain Adoption, Implementation & Architecture.

Charlie Housholder

Chief Science Officer & Lead Developer

Talent for comprehensively managing a full range of critical business operations including staff leadership, complex software development, project management, and sales generation.

Liam Krut




Dudley Lacy