Data Lake Security Solutions via Blockchain

  • Protect enterprise data with Papirys’ automated encryption software.
  • Analyze, access, or edit the data on in real-time without making it vulnerable.
  • IDAM and blockchain-enabled data transfer and instantaneous key revocation.


We provide an automated data security platform to enable enterprise users to access their data without making it vulnerable. We offer services like security (via encryption), entitlements (via our AI engine), and lineage/auditing capabilities (via blockchain) for your enterprise data.

Papirys enables enterprise users to leverage the security and auditability of blockchain for encrypted data storage while supporting instantaneous retrieval and automated access management. At the core of our entitlement solution is our patent pending Papirys blockchain and AI engine that enables automatic permissioning and revocation of employee access rights. Employees and partners access only as much as they need to and malicious attempts demonstrating inconsistencies can be automatically flagged and revoked.

With Papirys, your data analytics needs are not compromised by security features. Our solution allows you analyze your at-rest and streaming data while encrypted, from generation through processing.

Don’t be the next headline. Our promise is to keep your data secure while not stifling your access or analytics capabilities. Call or email us today for a consultation on how we can help your enterprise.


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    Using blockchain, we provide immutable audit trails and smart contracts

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    Using AI, we automate access, permissions, and entitlements

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    Using encryption, we secure data on the blockchain and across your data lake.


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We know you deeply care about your data and its security. Find answers to the commonly asked questions about our services. This FAQ section aims to identify and answer your data security related queries and to a large extent also tells how we secure data via blockchain technologies.

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