World’s First
blockchain Audit

  • Protect enterprise data with Papirys’s automated encryption software.
  • Analyze, access, or edit the data on the cloud without making it vulnerable.
  • IDAM and blockchain enabled data transfer an instantaneous key revocation.

About Us

We provide a data assurance platform to enable enterprise users to access their data without making it vulnerable. We offer services like security (via encryption), entitlements (via our AI engine), and lineage/auditing capabilities (via blockchain) for your enterprise data. Our exceptional technique to move bits in a new way enables us to feed your enterprise data through bespoke blockchain protocols in real time.

We enhance the capability of your enterprise by verifying & encrypting at-rest & streaming data. Whether your data is structured or unstructured, Papirys ensures efficiency in database migration, authentication in streaming data, and encrypted analytics. We encrypt data in spite of ongoing processes that strive to change.

Want to unlock your data’s verifiable, encrypted & analytical potential? We are just a message away from you. We will put our operations to work immediately once we understand your requirement. Call us or email us today. We look forward to helping your enterprise gain new & effective secure data transfer solutions.


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We know you deeply care about your data and its security. Find answers to the commonly asked questions about our services. This FAQ section aims to identify and answer your data security related queries and to a large extent also tells how we will be managing it.

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